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Philippine Honorary Consul General

“The Philippine Honorary Consulate was established on December 28th, 1988 by the administration of President Corazon Aquino. The appointment was signed by Secretary of Foreign Affairs Raul Manglapus. The purpose was to extend the activities  (Through the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C.) of the Government in terms of  Economic, Consular and Political Activities. It includes passports, visas, consular authentications, assistance to Nationals and co-ordinate Philippine dignitaries visiting the State of Georgia. One of the main economic goals is to establish trade between the Philippines and the State of Georgia."

The Philippine American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia is a very key organization in the promotion of  trade matters especially  between Georgia and the Philippines. Through this corner, we will update economic activities that are forthcoming.

Raoul “Ray” Donato

Philippine Honorary Consul General

Atlanta, Georgia 

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